Seed Funding

Are you a young entrepreneur with an innovative idea? Are you confident that your idea will make a difference? Well, don’t let insufficient funding hold you back from growing your ideas. Amaranta are your trusted advisors – you can bank on us for your initial investment. We provide an expert helping hand for you to grow your idea into reality.

Our prime objective is to facilitate funds for upcoming companies and provide guidance to ensure continuous growth. We are always seeking candidates for funding – supporting young and innovative entrepreneurs, passionate about providing valued products and services to society whilst managing a sustainable, profitable business. At Amaranta we see your idea as you see it – to create more employment opportunities and building a better society for all.

We want to help all young, high potential businesses, so if your business fits the following criteria, then get in touch.

  • Have the right momentum
  • The first thing we take into consideration is the pace and momentum of the idea behind the business. How sustainable can it run in the long-term?

    We’d like to know why you want funding for your business and what percentage stake of your success we can hope for. We’re not asking you to present us with an entire business summary, just the defining points of your business which gives us faith that we are helping you to build the future.

  • Management team
  • Every successful business needs a management team that is capable of riding the ups-and-downs of new business management. It’s key that you have gathered a team that best suits each function of your business.

    At Amaranta, we strongly believe that with talented, professional and passionate employees you certainly can turn your dream into reality. Our instinct is that a strong management team is more vital than the products of your business, therefore this is what we mostly bank on when investing in your business.

  • Size and scope of the market
  • The success of any business depends on the market size and scope.

    It is important for us to figure out the scope of your idea and the potential of the business. The more customers you can penetrate, the bigger the market scope. Thus, the larger potential market share your business can gain, the greater the boost in our confidence to provide seed funding.

    At Amaranta, we provide you with an open environment for a deep-dive discussion on your business model and the challenges your operations could face.

    We are connected with Angels, Very High and High Net Worth Individuals, other early stage funders, industry known mentors and start-up accelerators. Rest assured that we have the access to the right feedback and advice for the needs of your individual business.