Debt Syndication

Every organization needs working capital or capital investments for growth – they are always on the look-out for business and trade expansion opportunities. The expansion process involves large sums of capital, often beyond the reach for any one corporate organization to contribute. Thus, it is preferred to take the route of debt syndication. This process is an agreement between many banks and financial institutions with the borrower, then in which each lender offers a percentage of the requested capital sum.

Amaranta has been financing debt syndication for businesses worldwide. We have advised alongside senior associates and partners for several key organisations’ growth and profitability. We’ve also built strong bonds and deep relationships with our distinctive partners who have helped us serve our loyal clients. NBFCs, financial institutions, banks, insurance organizations and mutual funds are few of the reputable organizations we are associated with for debt syndication

Amaranta has an enduring relationship with competitive players in national and international lending markets – and it is this close association that has helped us to successfully navigate challenging debt syndication assignments for our clients.

Whether it is about working capital financing, offshore financing, ECBs (External Commercial Borrowing), international project financing or even domestic project financing, we are always dedicated to serving our clients most effectively. Our team of energetic professionals have earned a great reputation for raising debts from both international and national lending markets, whilst gathering a high degree of cross-border experience. If you are looking for international debt funding, our team is more than happy to facilitate this.

If you are looking for either short-term or long-term funding for capital expenditure, we can provide you with a wide variety of services:

  • Debt structuring and syndication
  • Arrangement of funds for merger and acquisition
  • Private placement of preference shares, debentures or bonds
  • Help to avail working capital and term loans
  • Structuring and appraising of financial combos

We take pride in:

  • Helping you avail debt at competitive pricing
  • Healthy and professional relationship with insurance companies, banks, financial institutions, non-banking financial corporation (NBFC)
  • Clear and detailed understanding of debt syndication procedures
  • Distinctive knowledge of lending terms and conditions

For our role in debt syndication, we guarantee you assistance 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. It is our philosophy to not send you home dissatisfied. To ensure a smooth syndication process, we sincerely undertake the following steps:

  • The first plan of action is to prepare a detailed project report (DPR). The DPR includes the reasons for funding and the success rate of your vision or business. If needed we can assist in preparing the DPR
  • Then we will strictly filter the lenders specifically suited for your borrowing needs
  • We will help you prepare convincing applications for financial assistance and pass these onto the targeted lenders
  • You will be present for meetings with lenders and we’ll accompany you to ensure a positive nod sanctioning your loan
  • After completion of all formalities, last but most importantly is to have all the documentation completed in proper order. Rest assured, we’ll certainly help you organize all your documents properly